CPL Central Export Division now operating at full tilt

CPL’s expansion plans are well underway with a fourth Unit now operating 24/7 and a fifth being fitted out for production output in the Summer.

The team at Paxton Hill now have a fully functioning state-of-the-art environment and are close to being fully staffed, just recruiting for the night shift and for administrative support.

“Having a fresh, new environment has given the team a chance to review processes and procedures and we have implemented a number of progressive changes to improve the production cycle.  A new physical environment has provided the opportunity to take stock, and forming a new team has resulted in a very positive and ambitious unit.

Here, we focus on fulfilment of export orders and we hope that very soon, key clients will visit and see how their production line has been streamlined and supported through investment in equipment and staff.” explains Tony Murray, Commercial Director.

“2022 was planned as a year of expansion, and five months in … everything is going to plan.”