Epilepsy Action supported by staff at CPL

Rabinder has worked for CPL for just over a year and is a valued member of the Quality team and a popular colleague. A life-long member of his local gurdwara, he has recently taken on responsibility to continue the co-ordination of their fundraising in support of Epilepsy Action.  The community’s support of the charity was originally instigated by Rabinder’s father, who organised the first charitable walk and picnic, an event which has now become a regular feature in the temple’s annual calendar, with everyone from children to grandparents taking part.

Over the years, more than £40k has been raised by Rabinder and his friends and family for Epilepsy Action and those funds make a significant contribution to the provision of a help and information line in order to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy.  Whilst Rabinder has known people who live with epilepsy, his motivation is based on his respect for the organisation and the obvious need to increase awareness and understanding of epilepsy, a condition that affects 600,000 people in the UK and their families, friends and colleagues. Rabinder believes that everybody should know what to do if they cam across someone having a seizure – unfortunately many of us don’t – and that is where the information and advice available from Epilepsy Action makes such a difference.

At CPL we are incredibly impressed by this community initiative and proud to support their initiative.  You can help the community increase their fundraising by contributing directly in support of the Ferry Meadows walk in June each year, or by making a contribution at any time on the Epilepsy Action website.

The management team at CPL are delighted to support Rabinder’s fund-raising efforts. Epilepsy is a condition that has affected staff and family at CPL and any initiative that increases awareness is welcome.