MP impressed by CPL expertise

On Friday 8th February the management team at Cambridge Precision Ltd were delighted to welcome Jonathan Djanogly MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Huntingdon to their premises in St Neots

Huntingdon MP visits high tech workshop

Mr Djanogly offered to visit having received a letter from Nick Raven Operations Manager, expressing his concerns that MPs of all parties seemed to be out of touch with the very real impact that delays and arguments over BREXIT were having on British business and overseas confidence in the economy.

“I thought it was brave of him to visit when I had been quite strong in my criticism of the way Parliament was handling the situation and how the inertia was affecting our ability to contract for new business.  I have to say he was extremely open-minded and realistic and that he listened to and appreciated our position.” explained Nick Raven.

“It was good to hear that he was opposed to leaving without a deal and that he was quite prepared to work with MPs from all parties to define a viable outcome.  He shared our own opinion that party politics should not be the issue, and that a pragmatic new basis for working with Europe was what was required.”

Like many manufacturing companies in the UK, Cambridge Precision buys from and exports to Europe.  Whilst staff at CPL may have voted in or out, and no doubt have their own political views, all are united in seeking a speedy and sensible outcome, following the initial referendum. “Our staff want to keep their jobs and keep building up what is a highly successful business”.

For British manufacturing which was experiencing a renewed buoyancy, delays on reaching a new deal and clarifying clear customs and tariff arrangements is really harmful.  “British manufacturing is resilient and highly-valued.  We can weather any storm but need our parliamentarians to work together and recognise that we are, where we are … and we now need to be able to get on with business.”

Mr Djanogly was interested to hear about the work at CPL and the highly technical nature of the engineering projects undertaken.  The cutting-edge role of CPL in supporting the development of new technologies clearly impressed him.


Discussing technical demands of a complex job