CPL supports the Centre for Global Equity

CPL is delighted to be joining a consortium of Cambridge technology companies to provide engineering expertise and skill to a project developing low cost, ruggedised oxygen intensifiers for several of the world’s emerging economies.

The Centre for Global Equality (CGE) evolves innovative solutions to global challenges. The aim is to solve problems that undermine the wellbeing of the poorer half of the world’s population. Focusing on people who live on less than $3 a day, CGE facilitate collaboration between business, academia and civil society, drawing particularly on capacity in one of the world’s leading universities and companies in the Cambridge Cluster – the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.

CGE has 24 member organisations that work in 79 low and middle income countries. In 2019, CGE member organisations ran over 65 projects with over 46 partner projects. While focus spreads across most sectors, the CGE network has particular strength in Technology for Development, Water, & Solar Energy in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India.