Continuing engagement with University of Cambridge

Cambridge Precision Ltd continues to support and engage with students at the University of Cambridge. Our well-established relationship with Lucy Cavendish College will be reinvigorated this weekend as our Chair and members of the CPL team will be meeting the challenge teams for the Lucent Enterprise awards.  From Friday to Sunday we look forward to hearing the many and varied proposals for sustainable enterprises – all submitted as a part of the Lucent Challenge that CPL sponsors and encourages.

Richard Hefford Hobbs was interviewed and asked about his commitment to Lucy Cavendish, the Lucent initiative and why he was so supportive of these early stage enterprise ideas.

‘With more than thirty years as a business leader, the most important thing I have learnt is the value of an open mind!  Creativity and innovation don’t thrive in stagnant environments.  My involvement with Lucy and the many young people I encounter keeps me on my toes and helps me retain the ability to question, review, reinvent and change.  Without the confidence that there is always something new to learn, how would business and society keep evolving?’

We will be following the weekend’s events and posting socials.  Good luck to all the teams.