Test rig operational in Bahir Dar

The team at CPL continue to work on the OVSI project, at present supporting the development of an Oxygen Concentrator design for operation in extremely challenging environments.

We now have two fully built test rigs rigs, running concurrently in Ethiopia and the UK. The images below show the test rig at the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT) Makerspace.

Henok Mesfin, Director of Business incubation and techno-entrepreneurship leads the team in Ethiopia and we look forward to analysing the test results and tweaking the design in accordance with their feedback.

It is important for us to be working on this life-saving technology as part of a not for profit initiative, combining academic, medical and business expertise in an innovative collaboration.  The final design will be released in an open source format for manufacture in the countries in which it will be used, and will generate medical grade oxygen, which is an increasingly scare and expensive commodity.