Developing health care in sub Sahara

Cambridge Precision Ltd continues to support the OVSI project, developing life saving. low cost oxygen therapy treatments for use in developing countries.  Ben Moore, CPL’s lead engineer on the project has just returned from a research visit in Ethiopia, where he was creating connections and exploring opportunities to move project to move forward.

There were four main purposes to the trip:

  1. To widen our understanding of the oxygen supply issues from hospitals, health centres and oxygen production plants around Bahir Dar (in Northern Ethiopia) and grow our clinical partnership with Han Health Centre.
  2. To meet with existing local manufacturers, understanding the current state of the sector and exploring the potential to partner with manufacturers to produce components and assemblies for the OVSI Oxygen Concentrator in Ethiopia.
  3. To understand the current regulatory frameworks in place to approve the development and production of medical devices in Ethiopia.
  4. To connect with Government Offices and NGOs in order to generate support for the project through funding and networks.

The trip was a great success and we will continue to work as a key player in the OVSI initiative, aiming to make a real difference to the quality of medical care and outcomes in challenging environments.