Changing the face of engineering

Its not that long ago that engineering environments were imagined as dark and greasy shop floors, with antiquated machinery and little scope for creativity and innovation.

At CPL the team have made a concerted effort to create a contemporary environment where quality products can be imagined, developed and then manufactured efficiently.

The new Export hub has just expanded to provide a dedicated inspection function; a clean, quiet, hi-tech space where first-off products can be reviewed and tested, before full scale production and then ongoing spot checks on every batch and order.

‘As time has gone on we have ensured that all orders are linked into our works progress system, so everyone can access the same drawings and specifications, wherever they are working in any of our five sites. The new inspection area in the Export Hub brings ergonomic benefits and helps streamline the quality production process for our team.  Linking together all phases and aspects of production beings tangible results for our customers and helps me and the team here to monitor, respond and address any manufacturing issues autonomously – i.e. we see an issue, we consider it and we apply a fix without delay.  For the team, this adds to job satisfaction and for the business it helps us to deliver on our promise to add quality through technology at every stage of manufacture’. Gary Hakin, Quality Inspector.