Encouraging Social Enterprise

CPL are proud to be supporting Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University.  Through mentoring and sponsorship we are able to help Lucy deliver their vision for change.

CPL is particularly involved with the ‘Lucent project’.  A programme designed to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the undergraduates.  Creating an ‘enterprising mindset’ is the goal, and as can be seen from the activity of those involved in this year’s Lucent programme, this is being achieved, resulting in tangible social change and business development.

Tombi – winner of the 2022 Lucent award     https://www.shashanetwork.com/

“Background: There is a vast aspiration gap in Africa, preventing young girls from reaching their full potential. Girls face difficulties in accessing education. Further, the societal norms dictate their lives as many girls are married off after high school to offset the effects of poverty. For most families without a steady income, the sons are encouraged to go to college while daughters are trained on household skills to be good wives. This grim reality leaves an imbalanced society where most males are educated and females less educated, leading to a lack of female role models for younger ones to aspire to. Those from low-income backgrounds with limited aspirations are left behind due to a lack of exposure to the endless and genderless opportunities available to them.

Ambition: We believe that girls can change their narratives. We aim to support them by combatting the cultural/ societal causes that impede access to information, education, career research, and mentors. Providing resources and skills helps girls attain education, define their lives, and fully embrace themselves. We offer girls exposure to their dream job or people doing their dream jobs in the hope of inspiring them to work towards their goals.

Outcomes: Tombi and her team have now run two successful programmes and are being asked to deliver more.  Having used the prize monies donated by CPL, they are now seeking additional funding to expand the enterprise. “