Reliable Export

Covid-19 has affected CPL like many UK manufacturers. Many things have changed, new processes implemented and at CPL some things remain exactly the same.  Our commitment to providing a tailored and supportive service to each of our clients will never change.

An example of this is the service delivered to one of our German clients.  A long-standing relationship had resulted in a very flexible production and delivery process and this week’s consignment is testament to the robust, practicality of the bespoke production process in place.

A client in Germany has a need for high quality metal housings for a fragile hi-tech function.  These are quite bulky and storage costs are high.  For CPL, the production process is complex.  It made sense for both parties, that production was undertaken in small but consistent quantities and small consignments delivered on a regular basis to a warehouse just 10 miles from our client’s base.  Product can then be pulled weekly at the client’s discretion.

At the start of each quarter we agree a level for production over the next three months. This allows CPL to block book machines in advance, ensuring that capacity is set aside for this client, and that their output does not get delayed by increased demand from other clients.  This avoids congestion and keeps production costs within a budgeted maximum per quarter, as well as reducing warehousing costs for the client in Germany.  Basically, we trickle feed delivery but guarantee that demand is met.

This agreement and service level has evolved over eleven years of partnership and ensures that CPL remain the most cost-effective manufacturer in this client’s supply chain.

With the continuing manufacture of new prototypes, which are tested and re-designed as required, before going into full production, the trust and value of the relationship has grown over the years, and even through the difficulties of the Covid pandemic this model has delivered on time, on budget and to specification.