Staff development at Central Export Division

With the Export unit now in full production, it is good to see new members of the team joining and progressing.  At CPL we invest in training and offer opportunity to all who demonstrate ambition and skill.

Aaron is one such individual.  He joined Cambridge Precision Ltd in February 2022, working in the core manufacturing hub at Alington Road before moving on to our specialist export division.

With a Level 3 NVQ in Mechanical Engineering and experience of working for a respected sub-con engineering company, Aaron chose to join CPL, looking for space to grow and develop his skill set.  Having previously worked largely with cast iron, the opportunity to work with aluminium and a range of modern metals on complex production jobs appeared attractive.

He is now learning how to programme digital production centres and hopes to work on the cobot cell and in inspection, increasing his breadth of knowledge.

‘I enjoy both hands-on engineering and the programming side and know that the managers here appreciate me being ambitious and seeking to learn.  I started as an apprentice tool-maker in this industry and want to progress to senior manager and beyond.’

CPL are delighted to employ young people like Aaron, without whom the company would not be leading the way, so clearly, in digital manufacturing.