The modern face of Assessment

On Thursday 3rd September, Andrew Wierny, Quality and Compliance Manager at Cambridge Precision Ltd took part in a “virtual” assessment for the ISO 45001 standard, working with our specialist BSI auditor.

The 2020 audit was performed remotely using a range of technologies. “BSI has always had the facility to work remotely, but never implemented it. However this method has now become the norm, and dramatically reduced the number of site visits that I undertake. In the past fortnight I have only been to two sites, whereas before March I would have been on site nearly every day. As with many organisations, remote working will be used more frequently by BSI, which is a good thing for the environment and fortunately is not impacting negatively on our ability to assess.”

Health and Safety is always a prime concern to employers and has taken on increased significance in the current climate. As work places reopen, having a robust Health and Safety management system in place is more important than ever. It not only reduces staff concerns and underpins risk management, it can also increase collaboration and staff inclusion. The ISO 45001 standard Is such a good foundation for this as the format demands that the workforce are a part of the solution, involving them in risk assessments, meetings and consultation in order to define an appropriate Health and Safety management system.

In an informal discussion with our auditor, he highlighted how this particular standard differs to other models. “One of the benefits of the 45001 standard is that it shows that Cambridge Precision has a management system that complies with their legal obligations in respect of Health and Safety and also demonstrates a forward-thinking leadership style – where the whole team work together to deliver a structured, bespoke approach to Health and Safety. As all BSI accreditations are recognised globally, this standard also gives international customers the assurance and confidence that Cambridge Precision are using appropriate and contemporary management systems.”

Andrew Wierny, Quality Manager at CPL added “This standard helps to engage staff in the many issues a business needs to succeed. It is helping us address current risks, imagine future pressures and plan for improvements all-round.”