Thinking out of the box ..

The team at Cambridge Precision Ltd spend a great deal of time, striving to find solutions for issues presented by our clients – and sometimes we need to put our thinking caps on to look at a problems closer to home.

Many of the components we make are both fragile and valuable. We have for many years exported to the U.S. with consignments arriving safely and on time but recently, a consignment to the US containing fragile  lead components arrived damaged, despite the purpose-designed clamping plate being correctly fitted – a solution that for years had worked well.

The clamping plates were clearly labelled with instructions that these should not be over tightened if opened for inspection during transit, but this did not seem to be doing the trick in getting through a zealous customs check. So, Cambridge Precision Assembly and Sales Teams came up with the idea of a simple wooden box that fits snuggly around the lead and clamping plate, providing no room for movement.  (Thank you to Libby Del-Busso for his woodworking skills).

The first batch of boxed lead parts will leave the factory at the end of September and the team have every confidence that this new packaging will do the trick.  This goes to show that the job doesn’t end with the manufacture of complex parts, CPL’s service is constantly adapted and improved to meet the challenges of reliable production, assembly, delivery and quality.