Three Lucent Winners

Lucy Cavendish College staff and students have expressed their gratitude to Cambridge Precision Ltd for supporting the LucEnt Challenge. The LucEnt Challenge invites Lucy Cavendish College students to combine their knowledge, skills and experience in a multi-disciplinary team to identify an enterprising solution to a problem relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The teams benefit from entrepreneurial inspiration, mentor support, and have the opportunity to win a £1000 prize towards implementing their vision for a new product, service or innovation that has the potential to create significant economic or social impact.

Lucy Fellow, Bruno Cotta, commented “I am absolutely delighted with the success of this year’s LucEnt Challenge, which brought together so many of our most enterprising students, and their colleagues from the wider collegiate community in Cambridge. The diversity of ideas, depth of thinking, and determination through teamwork, to make a real social and economic impact was truly admirable”.

The judges were so impressed with the work and presentations that they decided to award three teams rather than just one winner. The judges selected two worthy prize winners, Firesight and Dyco, and awarded both with £1000. The judges also commended Recipes for Growth and awarded the project £500.

All participants demonstrated a passion and aptitude for leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship.  The three winners covered diverse social agendas, from  advancing predictive risk management of wildfires in the Americas, Africa and elsewhere, to driving environmental change globally through cutting-edge science in the textiles industry, and empowering women-led co-operatives in the Middle-East, to. It was an impressive showcase of the ingenuity of highly motivated and talented students, that participate in the challenge and CPL are delighted to work with Lucy Cavendish and the Judge Business school on the project.