Upgraded safety measures

In the interests of protecting the health and safety of our team, Cambridge Precision have today taken delivery of two ir37 thermometer systems supplied by 21st Century AV Ltd. These systems incorporate a 7-inch LCD display with a wide-range dynamic camera that measures and displays a person’s temperature using infrared and algorithm technology and will help in the prevention of Covid-19 within Cambridge Precision.

CPL have been working with a number of clients producing critical components for thermal imaging solutions relating to Covid-19 and other medical control systems and it seemed appropriate that we should invest in state of the art technology to protect our team and clients.

The systems in-built functions include: Real-time face recognition, Temperature reading, Ultrasonic dynamic distance measurement, Fever temperature alarm.

All staff and essential visitors to Cambridge Precision’s two main sites, will use the system  to ensure their temperature is within the safety range set by CPL. If an abnormal temperature is detected the system will automatically notify management, and the individual will be asked to self-isolate for 10 minutes before a second test is undertaken.  If this test is also abnormal,  the individual will be asked to follow government guidelines regarding isolation and obtaining a Covid-19 test.

All visitors to CPL will be asked to follow the same guidelines.  Sadly we are restricting visits to only those essential in order to maintain production.  Visitors are requested to complete a  questionnaire and to wear a face mask at all times.

Strange times, new technologies and processes gradually bedding in.