Changing the face of engineering

Its not that long ago that engineering environments were imagined as dark and greasy shop floors, with antiquated machinery and little scope for creativity and innovation. At CPL the team have made a concerted effort to create a contemporary environment where quality products can be imagined, developed and then manufactured efficiently. The new Export hub […]

CPL ISO 27001 accreditation renewed

Last week Cambridge Precision Ltd were pleased to welcome Mick from the British Assessment Bureau who conducted a three-day audit of our information security systems he audited the business against the ISO 27001 standard. This Information Security Management standard details the requirements for businesses to securely manage information assets and data to an internationally recognised […]

Upgrading the manufacturing hub

Over recent months, there have been a number of layout changes and machine moves at CPL, aiming to create a more ergonomic environment.  In Units 1 and 2, the changes have been pretty significant, creating an environmentally controlled area for some products that have particular finishing needs in Unit 2, a cobot production area in […]

An apprenticeship in Engineering Innovation

Cambridge Precision Ltd is recognised internationally a leader in engineering innovation and a partner to those who are changing the way in which we live. Our Cambridgeshire sites, have for many years partnered tech and bio-tech innovators in our region, and increasingly we support national and international innovation. Our business is high quality precision engineering […]

Josh settling into the Export hub

Josh Wright joined the team working at Paxton Hill in November of last year and has quickly settled in and now making a very valuable contribution. Having left college after studying Level 3 Mechanical Engineering, he had been using his practical skills as a wood-worker, building garden furniture.  Although he enjoyed that work, he was […]

Make UK Membership

Cambridge Precision Ltd has joined Make UK, keen to contribute to raising the profile and standards of British Manufacturing.  We are particularly looking forward to working with the Make UK team on a range of apprenticeship programmes as we intend this year to keep expanding the team and bring on board new skills and enthusiasm. […]

Supporting Emerging Technologies

As 2022 draws to a close for CPL, the team are reflecting on a year of tremendous growth and progress. During the year, many new product lines have been brought to CPL for production, increasing our dominance in the specialist markets of health & safety, security, and medical component manufacture. Helping take new lines from […]

Staff development at Central Export Division

With the Export unit now in full production, it is good to see new members of the team joining and progressing.  At CPL we invest in training and offer opportunity to all who demonstrate ambition and skill. Aaron is one such individual.  He joined Cambridge Precision Ltd in February 2022, working in the core manufacturing […]

Rapidly scaling up production capabilities

Since 1994, CPL has manufactured high-precision machined components. Growth Works, a business consortium which  supports  ambitious and fast-growing businesses and organisations across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to plan for bigger, scale faster, and stay ahead of the game, recently  helped CPL secure a CapEx grant to offset their investment in state-of-the-art digital production equipment.  This has […]