Celebrating Forty years’ service

The team at Cambridge Precision Ltd gathered together this morning to celebrate the long service of two important colleagues, Chris Horne and Phil Hobbs, who have both worked at CPL for the lifetime of the business and at Craychase prior to CPL taking over than company.  Each has a forty year record of service and each has bought specific skills, knowledge and personality to the company.

Phil has played a key role in the many years of evolution, from the early days of CNC, he has embraced many advancements such as multi-axis machining, CAD/CAM and most recently automation with the assistance of cobots, all of which have changed the way we tackle projects. An integral player in the development of our German export market, he has been the engineering lead in so many critical business partnerships.

Chris, like Phil, has seen and played a leading role in CPL’s adoption of new technologies. He is the go-to guy when a problem is encountered.  His engineering and craft-based skills have enabled him and the team to gain maximum advantage from these developing technologies. Many of the team look to him for his problem-solving abilities, where skill and manual craft are concerned.

Nigel Rata, Director, presented Chris and Phil with letters of gratitude, and gifts of a bespoke pocket watch and thankyou voucher, which hopefully they will spend having a great time away from work! Nigel thanked the boys on behalf of the entire team for their contribution and commitment.

After the presentation Phil said how grateful he was for the Directors’ letters and Chris commented with a wry smile “I’ve loved every moment of my time here! No really, I just wouldn’t have stayed here all that time if I hadn’t have enjoyed it, would I? The watch is really special and I appreciate the gesture a great deal.”

John Sarginson commented on what an achievement this length of service was and how in such a transient world, the boys and CPL should be proud of building those strong and lasting relationships.

We all are indeed proud. Many thanks to Phil and Chris for their enormous contribution.