Celebrating International Women’s week

At CPL we are taking a keen interest in International Women’s Week.  The company is benefitting from the recruitment of women in sales, production and management roles and we hope we are challenging some stereotypes when it come to women working in science and engineering.

Every staff member at CPL contributes and is valued.  This week we asked a few of our female staff to comment about their role, women they admire and their thoughts on IWW.

“There is now a much greater female representation in our industry (if you google engineering there are more images of women and stories of their achievements), but it’s still a very male orientated world.  I think more needs to be done at school age, to show that engineering is in fact more about technology and not a dirty factory job. Engineering is such a broad field and as a woman I am proud to be making my contribution.”

What could be done to entice more women into the industry? “Employ more good-looking men….. 😊”

“More should be done to show how engineering is an important part of everyday life. From the cars we drive to the clothes you wear, at some point an engineer has been involved. There is no reason why that engineer should be male.”

“I admire Stacey Dooley as an advocate for women in a man’s world. She brings the facts and is compassionate about her reporting on every day hidden issues around the world, regarding women and their treatment”.

“My mum has always been there for me – for all she has been through she still carries on. What a woman!”

“Michelle Obama – is an inspiration to all women; she is not scared to speak her mind.”

“Katy Piper stands out to me – she has shown that even when things look bleak, there is a silver lining. She started a charity to raise awareness to the plight of burn victims and has shown women everywhere that beauty comes from the inside and not what’s on the outside”.

“I feel I have contributed at CPL, showing that a woman can do the same job as a man, and adding more smiles and laughter!”

“I know I have improved organisation and reliability within my role.”

“I contribute “Caring”.  Some think this is a soft skill – its not, it translates into a person being conscientious, quality focused, able to listen and to be ambitious.”

“I think I have made impact by creating channels of communication, I will listen to all and try to diffuse any conflicts.”

“Being able to hear other view-points helps us to progress. I don’t get offended when someone has another opinion – it is often quite useful.”

“Equality and diversity issues exist world-wide but everyone can do a little to address them.”