Covid tests for all

Keeping our staff safe is top of the agenda at Cambridge Precision Ltd.

Back in February we introduced a system to test all staff for Covid-19, weekly, on site. We wondered how the team would feel about this – would they consider it invasive or unwelcome?

The system bedded in quite quickly and no objections were raised.

In March we decided to change the process and ask all staff to take a test at home each Sunday and email in the results to a confidential dedicated email address.  This system is working well and in fact we have just agreed to extend the system at least until 20th June, 2021.

All staff, regardless of whether they have received a vaccination or not, continue home testing as although they may be protected, they still can potentially spread the virus.

The process has been welcomed by staff and has done a great deal to keep the team unified and uphold the “all for one, one for all approach” that is a trademark of the CPL ethos.

Evie Rata has been co-ordinating the test and monitoring process.  “We are delighted that staff feel supported and that the company is going above and beyond to protect them.  I have been told that staff feel safer at work and are grateful for the weekly confirmation that all is well.”

CPL have funded this initiative without support from any Covid funding sources and will do so for as long as necessary, believing that keeping staff safe and well is essential and that these measures are obviously cost-effective.

For any other companies wondering if their team would accept a similar initiative, we have to say it has been welcomed. “I think the company has been amazing.  Most people I speak to are so surprised to hear the lengths that CPL have gone to in order to protect us. It is absolutely fantastic.”  said Jim Liddle.

From CPL’s perspective we want the team know how much their health and safety matters to us. A recent Covid compliance spot check confirmed that we were meeting and surpassing government guidelines and the inspector actually commented that he was impressed by how prepared we were as a business.

To all our team “On behalf of CPL and the Covid Response Team, thank you all for your support and co-operation. We hope that continuing the testing process will keep us all safe and well.”